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Sahd Gurl’s Club is 6,666 randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the saddest gurls themselves.
Each gurl found herself in the midst of a midlife crisis and fell into the dark abyss of shit coins and expensive jpegs of monkeys & OTHER ANIMALS. Some made it out with diamonds, and others never recovered.
Having a Sahd gurl grants you
100 creative and commercial rights
You earned it baby!
Join us on our journey!
Do you have to be a gurl
to join SahdGurl’s Club?
Absolutely not!
SahdBoys will be free to mint for all sahdgurls holders. Everyone is welcome in Sahdgurl’s community.
Also, if you consider yourself a happy person, you can still hop in!
5-7 Day Shipping | Ships Worldwide | %50 of profits go directly into the SahdGurl’s Community Wallet and %50 will be donated to breast cancer organizations.
10% - Creating our DAO:
We aim to create one of the sahdest DAOs out there. A sahd DAO where all of our sahd holders will have daily chances to gain together and chill together Knowing that our DAOs wallet will have 20% of sales. Moreover , we will be hosting raffles, giveaways and events.
15% - The Cause:
5% of the sales will go to Breast Cancer Organisations.
30% - Staking $TEAR:
You will be able to stake your Sahd Gurl NFT and yield our $TEAR token. Collecting $TEAR will grant you a lot of opportunities and utilities that we chose not to spoil now.
45% - Sahd Gurls App:
Our application will be a job opportunity hub for Sahd people, where holders pair up and pitch an idea. Every 6 months, we’ll be funding the idea that gets the most votes in our DAO. It'll be like tinder, but you match with people you would want to work with. It will also have a mini p2e interactive game.
60% - Launch of Sahd Bois Collection:
Sahd Bois will be a collection on the Etherium blockchain. Holders with 3 SAHD GURL NFTs will be eligible for this unique airdrop making us the first hybrid project out there.
75% - Building Our Sahd Brand:
The official release of our very first exclusive merch drop! This collection will include lingerie, hats, t-shirts and hoodies! We all need our sahd hoodie on our Sahd day!
90% - GoFundme Donations:
We will look for unique cases on Go fund me and lunch a vote on our DAO. The winning cases will get fully funded by Sahd Gurl causing a positive impact on their life.
100% - Meetups:
Owning an Sahd Gurl gives our holders access to these events where high valued Sahd and happy entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and other influential individuals will be in attendance providing the networking experience of a lifetime. During this event a Rolex watch will be raffled off to a lucky holder along with a 1/1 Sahd Gurl NFT. All information regarding the event details will be provided here in our official Discord and social media pages.